Wildlife Poisoning Prevention and Conflict Resolution originates from a need to address conflict between people and wildlife, realizing that many people use poisons for poaching, or to kill animals perceived as a problem to them. Intentional poison abuse for commercial poaching is increasing. We are driven by our passion to resolve wildlife conflicts using Best Practice solutions.

Our Mission

To help and encourage people and organisations to practice conservation as a habit in their daily lives.

Our Experience

Embraces formal wildlife protection views in parallel with conservation on private and community land by ordinary people – them, you and me working together pragmatically to achieve mutual benefit.

Our Vision

For people and wildlife to live together sustainably.

Our Point of Departure

Recognising that conflicts do exist; but we apply Systems Thinking principles to environmental management practices, so that cause and effect are considered in decision making; and that the most efficient and effective long term conflict mitigation or prevention principles are applied.

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