Monkeys Poisoned in Durban

Monkeys Poisoned in Durban

September 19, 2017 9:19 am
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We were devastated to be called to a residential property in Escombe Queensburgh late where three dead monkeys and a Hadeda bird were found dead in the garden. The caller said the monkeys had no visible signs of injury on them. We immediately suspected poisoning but were totally unprepared for the scene that greeted us when we arrived. Not 3 but 7 dead monkeys and an eighth adult female barely alive, her terrified baby clinging to her body. Definite signs of poisoning visible and undoubtedly more dead and dying monkeys somewhere close by. But in the dark we could not find them. KZN is experiencing a spate of monkey poisonings recently – 14 monkeys poisoned and dead in Hibberdene a few weeks ago. 4 monkeys dead, most likely poisoned in Hilton a week ago and now eight that we know of in Queensburgh yesterday. In all of these incidents there would be other monkeys poisoned that would either lie in the bush near by and die or be picked up by unsuspecting people and disposed of. We can only hope that these despicable psychopaths whose callous disregard for life must be of concern to all decent people will be identified, arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Story taken from Monkey Helpline.

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