African Wild Dog

About Wildlife Poisoning Prevention and Conflict Mitigation

Our Keystone project is wildlife poisoning prevention. To achieve this we intend to train at least 50 rangers or enforcement officials in forensic investigation of poisoning crimes per year, or more if we have sufficient funding.

Apart from this cornerstone, we advise our clients on how to apply systems thinking methodologies and appropriate wildlife management principles and practices to address wildlife poisoning and other conflict scenarios throughout Southern and Eastern Africa.

This includes drafting of wildlife management plans, training and advisory services, support to land-managers and enforcement agencies, wildlife poisoning prevention, investigation, and prosecution advise. We offer advice and support for conflicts with all species, ranging from mosquitoes to elephants, seeking cost effective and locally applicable and available solutions. Resolutions of conflict between people and wildlife in agricultural, forestry, and urban scenarios is a key activity of the organisation.

Our experince in the field is broad. Our objective is to establish a harmonious relationship between people and wildlife; preempting and preventing conflict through appropriate economically sensitive management planning.

Our CEO, Tim Snow, is a co-author of the booklet “Predators and Farmers” and has collaborated on many other publications. Tim is chairman of the National Invasive Animal Forum and established the National Chemical Crime Management Forum. He is Vice Chair of the IUCN South African members committee, is an executive committee member of SA Wingshooters, and is on the executive committee of the Game Rangers Association of Africa.